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20-year-old girl found dead in Podujeva, suspected of suicide – Latest News

A 20-year-old woman is found dead in Podujeva, suspected of suicide

A 20-year-old woman was found dead tonight in the village of Metehi in Podujeva.

Police have confirmed that the case occurred around 20:00, where they were informed about a person without signs of life, reports Zeri.info

Police spokesman for the Pristina region, Agron Borovci said that the police went to the scene, while in the Podujeva FMC doctors have ascertained her death.

“The police immediately went to the scene while the victim, a woman, about 20 years old. The victim was sent to the Family Medicine Center in Podujeva, where emergency doctors confirmed her death “, said Borovci.

He added that police are investigating the case to clarify the case.

“Currently, the police have started the investigation of the case with suspicion as a suspicious death and are taking all the necessary investigative and forensic actions – the examination, which would help the investigation of the event as well as the full clarification and elucidation of the case”, he added./ Voice

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