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A water pipe explodes in the center of Prishtina

A water pipe has exploded near the “Youth Palace”.

Due to this explosion, the neighborhoods of “Peyton”, “Lakrishtë”, a part of “Dardania”, the street “Rexhep Luci” and “Garialdi” were left without water.

This was announced by the Regional Water Company “RWC” Prishtina.

Dear customers, after the notification we received, it turns out that the line DN 300 mm AC has exploded near the “Youth Palace” and as a result without water supply have remained the following neighborhoods: Neighborhood Pejton, Lakrishte, part of Dardania, rr. “Rexhep Luci”, “Garibaldi”. We apologize and understand! ”, It is said in the announcement of“ RWC Prishtina ”.

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