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Detentions on the Gostun crossing, on the border with Montenegro for as much as half an hour

There are passengers and cars at the Gostun crossing, but not as crowded as it was last night and early this morning when the third lane was opened, which is otherwise reserved for trucks, so that all those who headed to Montenegro could pass faster. The crowd is bigger at the exit from Serbia than at the entrance.

In the last days, the crowds at that crossing were in waves, more and more people are heading towards the sea. Every day, 500 trucks crossed the border.

As a rule, the crowds at the Gostun crossing start around July 15 and last until August 15. It is usually crowded during the weekend at night and in the early morning hours. According to previous experiences, the fewest cars are in the hottest part of the day.

Waits at the Gostun crossing are mostly up to half an hour and for now there are no longer columns.

Otherwise, that crossing with Montenegro is currently under construction, and when it is completed, more efficient functioning is expected.

There are occasional traffic jams on the way from Uzice to the border with Montenegro. The works on the road between Prijepolje and Brodarevo and in two places are regulated by traffic lights, so drivers and passengers are advised to be patient in order to reach the destination.

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