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Abidxhiku for “Open Balkan”: Recognition between Kosovo and Serbia to be done before cooperation without borders – Latest News

 Abidxhiku for

The “Mini-Schengen” initiative between Northern Macedonia, Albania and Serbia yesterday received the new name “Open Balkan”.

LDK leader Lumir Abdixhiku has expressed his views and those of the party he represents on this initiative, saying that recognition between Kosovo and Serbia should be before cooperation without borders.

“Balkan economic integration only makes sense when it is preceded by a political recognition – each and every one. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo. Boundaries therefore make even more sense. They become stronger by themselves. Therefore and how can we remove neither as ‘Mini Schengen’ nor as ‘Open Balkan’. Recognition before cooperation without borders! “This is my position and that of the LDK”, said Abidxhiku.

Further, he said that the Government of Kosovo should talk to the Government of Albania, because according to him for the first time in the last 30 years the roads between Kosovo and Albania are divided in front of Serbia.

“‘Open Balkan’ before it was an economic project is nevertheless a political project. The economic benefits become insignificant in the face of Serbian political denial – and this should be understood by everyone involved, especially our colleagues in Albania. The Government of Kosovo must talk to Albania and the Albanian Government there anyway. The senseless tension of our relations – mainly due to the reckless electoral interference at the beginning of this year by our Prime Minister – has made that for the first time in the history of 30 years, our paths in front of Serbia are divided. And that in itself is a disaster. “Kosovo and Albania must have an opinion and an attitude”, said Abdixhiku, it is announced in the press release.

“Kosovo should be part of regional cooperation. But only as an equal party – a sovereign state; known by all, cognitive of all. “Until then, any other initiative is harmful to our national interests and the interests of Albanians in the region,” said Abdixhiku. / Voice

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