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About 60 miners trapped inside the Stan Tërg mine are rescued – Latest News

About 60 miners trapped inside the Stan Tërg mine are rescued

About 60 miners of the Stantërg Mine in Mitrovica after the working hours have remained trapped on the 12th horizon due to the breakdown of the elevator. However, the same are extracted by means of skips (canals), from where ore is extracted from underground horizons to the surface.

This is what the president of the Trepça Workers’ Union, Gani Osmani, said in a statement for the Telegraph.

According to him, the extraction of the miners took about four hours, where as Osmani said it was not easy as this improvised way is quite dangerous for the lives of miners.

“The lifting machine for transporting the miners had a technical defect in the electricity and they could not fix it. Workers have come out improvised with Skipa. Up to four people should ride on this Skip, no more. “From 11:30 to 03:00 in the morning we managed to remove the miners of the second shift from the horizon”, said Osmani.

Osmani also said that apart from the stress that the miners have experienced, everyone is in good health.

“When the current stops, there are defects, there is some stress,” he said.

He further indicated that due to the elevator defect the third shift of miners as well as the first shift of this morning did not enter the mine to work.

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