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After the bank accounts were blocked, RWC “Pastrimi” in Prishtina announces strike

RWC “Pastrimi” JSC- Prishtina in a press release have announced that they will go on strike, as their bank accounts have been blocked.

PAMKOS Association has requested from the responsible institutions to immediately unlock the accounts of RWC “Pastrimi” JSC Prishtina.

Full press release:

Despite the great financial challenges and difficult operating conditions, today the regional waste company KRM “Pastrimi” JSC Prishtina have blocked the bank accounts in the Bank for Business and the Economic Bank with which it performs banking services. Outraged by the situation created as a result of non-updating of data by Economic Bank and Private Business Bank, PAMKOS Association asks the responsible institutions and management of banking institutions to address this issue with priority and to immediately unblock the accounts of RWC “Pastrimi” JSC Prishtina taking into account the fact that the documentation and request to the Ministry of Trade specifically to KBRA for updates was submitted on time by RWC “Pastrimi” JSC Prishtina. Through public announcement by RWC “Pastrimi” Prishtina, in case that this issue is not taken into account and the bank accounts in these banks are unblocked within today, as a result of which the execution of salaries for the employees of the Company “Pastrimi” can not be done then from the next day on dt. 02.02.2021 the company will stop the service of waste collection and disposal and the employees of this company will go on strike. “It is important that the administrative bureaucracies do not penalize the operation of public enterprises for the transfer and disposal of waste. If immediate measures are not taken to unblock the bank accounts of RWC “Pastrimi” JSC Prishtina, about 700 employees of this company remain without salaries and the announced strike brings consequences in maintaining public health as a result of regular non-performance of service waste disposal ”- emphasizes at the end the Association PAMKOS.

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