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Agim Ramadani’s wife publishes his latest draft on 58th birthday – Latest News

Agim Ramadani's wife publishes his latest draft on his 58th birthday

May 3, 1963 marks the date of birth of the hero, Agim Ramadani.

On his 58th birthday, his wife, Shukrije Ramadani, has published his latest high school draft.

“Today is your 58th birthday, I am Gimi, or the 22nd as a hero of the homeland! to swim with 5 plus. Today I will share it with you, dear friends, with you who value Dawn and the values ​​of freedom! ”

Agim Ramadani known as “Katana” fell on the altar of freedom on April 11, 1999 in Junik in a place called “Rrasa e Zogut”.



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