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Ahmeti – Lajçak: Kosovo and Serbia to seek out options that serve positively for the area

Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) leader Ali Ahmeti and EU Special Envoy for Dialogue Miroslav Lajcak said today that Kosovo and Serbia must find solutions that serve the region positively and end cold relations between Pristina and Belgrade. .

A model like the Ohrid-Prespa Agreement could always be fruitful and the parties involved in the dialogue should take this very seriously, in order to give a final epilogue to the process, Ahmeti and Lajcak said at the meeting held on the sidelines of the Prespa Forum for Dialogue taking place in Ohrid.

Ahmeti and Lajcak also discussed the dispute with Bulgaria, as an obstacle for Northern Macedonia on its path to the European Union and a challenge that must be overcome so that citizens do not remain hostage to nationalist policies that may be opened by certain parties in neighboring countries.

On this occasion, Ahmeti asked for help from the EU and the US as an important factor and friends of the country and the region to influence the decisions not to block the aspirations of Northern Macedonia towards the path of integration.

Reforms, which are a condition for opening negotiations with the EU, as well as other important issues in the country were also the topic of conversation between Ahmeti and Lajçak, reports the DUI Information Office.

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