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Albania: 100 kg of cocaine seized in truck full of bananas, coming from Ecuador – Latest News

Albania: 100 kg of cocaine seized in a truck full of bananas, came from Ecuador

A large amount of drugs, about 100 kg of suspected cocaine, has been seized by the Albanian authorities.

The quantity of drugs was reportedly seized while the bananas were being unloaded in a warehouse.

It is suspected that the drugs entered from the seaport of Durrës, where the truck stayed for about three days, and came from Ecuador with a load of bananas.

The container with bananas suspected of illegal cargo was kept under surveillance by the police and at the moment when it was withdrawn to be sent to the destination, the police intervened.

It is learned that as a result of the operation monitored by the police in cooperation with SPAK agents, two persons, both of Ecuadorian origin, were detained./tch/

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