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Albania: Psychologists warn citizens about long-term consequences of COVID-19 – Latest News

Albania: Psychologists warn citizens about the long-term consequences of COVID-19

For several weeks in Albania, the restrictive measures for non-spread of COVID-19 have been gradually lifted due to the low number of mortality and daily infections as well as mass vaccination, which has already exceeded the figure of one million vaccinated. But psychologists warn citizens to be careful as, the consequences of infection have not disappeared and that they are long-term for their health.

“The situation is not entirely rosy. This does not mean, we are finally free and we do not have any risk. We must enjoy life, always under careful measures. We know what is right and what is wrong. It is very important that when you leave the house, you take care to protect yourself. So we are not like in the early stages of the pandemic, when we did not know how to react to this situation. “Care is not excessive in any kind of situation, in any kind of moment.”

What is being observed in everyday life, says psychologist Fatjon Taipi for the Voice of America, is that people are rapidly overcoming the period of closure and limitations due to the pandemic, rapidly returning to normal life, which testifies to a restoration of hope.

“People now have more hope because they have won a great battle with the pandemic and the return of hope has to do with their daily activities. “Also, emotionally people feel more relieved and have begun to experience emotions unaccompanied by the feeling of anxiety they had during the pandemic period.”

According to psychologist Altin Nika, the long-term effects of the pandemic are related to feelings of anxiety and depression in a number of people, but also to the increase in family conflicts by increasing the number of people seeking psychological treatment.

“I can say that it has left strong consequences. But, on the other hand, I know to say that, thankfully, for the first time I notice that individuals also turn their eyes to psychological service. We are a people who go only when we need to. “So, this situation proved once again the importance of the psychological service,” he told VOA.

Improving social relationships, limited during the months of the pandemic, according to psychologist Taipi, is a necessary element, but always being cautious as the danger has not finally been removed and that new variants of the virus have emerged in the region.

Although in Albania the number of people active with COVID-19 has dropped below 60 and the infectious hospital treats only 3 patients, the Ministry of Health continues to appeal to citizens to continue to strictly implement the rules for the prevention of COVID-19 and not to neglect no sign of disease. / voa

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