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Albanian Ambassadors: Kosovo needs a strong and constructive opposition – Latest News

Albanian Ambassadors: Kosovo needs a strong and constructive opposition

The Council of Ambassadors of Albania congratulated the people of Kosovo on the peaceful and democratic process of the February 14 elections. He said that after the election results, the country needs a strong and constructive opposition, while adding that the winner of the elections, Lëvizja Vetëvendosje and its partners, will be the bearers and inspirers of the interests of the voters.

Through a press release, the Council writes that the elections have shown that the democratic processes in Kosovo are progressing and the Kosovar people voted peacefully.

“The Movement for Vetëvendosje (LVV) as the winner of these elections is facing the challenge to build a new consensus in Kosovo, as a functional state based on democratic processes. The Council of Albanian Ambassadors expresses the belief that all parties that will go into opposition, will make a healthy analysis of the result and will learn from the necessary instructional lessons “, it is further stated.

The Council of Ambassadors further writes that the new government should invest in the Euro-Atlantic path of a developed country, where social justice and the rule of law will be paramount.

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