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Albanian citizen arrested in Colombia, transporting cocaine together with four Colombians – Latest News

An Albanian citizen was arrested in Colombia, transporting cocaine together with four ColombiansIllustrative photo

An Albanian citizen has been handcuffed by police in Colombia, following an operation carried out in collaboration with the DEA.

Together with the Albanian Agim Cerma, known as ‘Jimmy’, 4 of his Colombian collaborators were arrested.

The five were arrested for extradition purposes in response to a request from a U.S. court.

Cerma was in charge of the activities of the structured criminal group. Foreign media write that he took a sum of money from Europe to buy cocaine and then guarantee the delivery of drugs on flights from the international airport ‘Alfonso Bonilla Aragón de Palmira’.

Further, the media write that there is information that the money entered Colombia through financial intermediaries and according to the investigation, the Albanian citizen and his associates were connected with the ‘Golf Clan’ and other criminal groups to buy and transport cocaine.

They have also established contacts with air traffic controllers and aeronautical surveillance personnel to allow them to lift the load.

In addition to Agim Cerma, the following were also handcuffed:

William Cruz Pérez, who would be the trusted man of the Albanian citizen and the person in charge of coordinating the purchase and storage of cocaine and creating places for the delivery of money.

Pedro Antonio Penagos Londoño, responsible for drug collection in the buildings near Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport.

Jairo Fernando Cardona López, accused of having contacts with air traffic controllers and security personnel from the air terminal to allow the entry and exit of cards.

Edwin Durlandy Montilla González, alias ‘Chemist’, who allegedly accompanied the processing of cocaine hydrochloride in laboratories.

In the process of identifying and locating suspected members of this drug trafficking group, more than 333 kilograms of cocaine and more than 2,000 million pesos were seized. / tch

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