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Ali tells why Kurti’s governing program was delayed – Latest News

Ali tells why Kurti's governing program was delayed

Liburn Aliu, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Spatial Planning has shown why it took so long for the government to finalize the program.

Ali thinks the plan was made on time, while separating it from the programs of previous governments.

“We had in mind the previous governments that did not really have a program but only had a continuation of the same projects which were usually ad-hoc projects”, said Aliu in Klan Kosova.

“In order to have a proper government program, it is impossible to put your ideas on paper without facing the reality that exists within the ministries,” he added.

“Establishing a new program that is completely different from the previous governing programs takes a little longer. It was realized within time, we even had pressure to do it as soon as possible “, stressed Aliu.

“Good work path rails have been set in each ministry,” Aliu concluded.

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