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Aliu highly praises businessman Ibrahim Bucaliu – Latest News

Aliu highly praises businessman Ibrahim Bucaliu

The Mayor of Ferizaj, Agim Aliu, praised the work of the businessman from Ferizaj, Ibrahim Bucaliu.

Bucaliu, is the owner of the fuel giant “HIB”, the Hotel “Emerald” and a number of other businesses in Kosovo.

The mayor of Ferizaj, Bucaliu’s success, praised the businessman from Ferizaj, through a Facebook post, raising the humanism of Ibrahim Bucaliu and his family, who have shown thousands of initiatives to help in solidarity actions, by mentioned here with special emphasis the fact how his house and home during the Serbian occupation was turned into a school, serving Albanian education./Zeri

Ali’s full post:
The economic giant of Ferizaj, one of the largest businesses in Kosovo and the entire Albanian geography, the largest taxpayer in the state coffers, this extraordinary success of this magnitude has behind the talent, knowledge, modesty and humanism of the distinguished Ferizaj, the owner of the fuel giant “HIB”, the “Emerald” Hotel and a number of other businesses with thousands of workers across the country, the highly respected, distinguished Ferizaj resident, Ibrahim Bucaliu.

His talent and agility in doing business began as early as 1972, with a group of friends, although he also devoted himself to law studies, which he later discontinued. It was the fruit and vegetable business, the start of his business journey, to cover the costs of studies, and to be today one of the strongest in the market not only in Kosovo but also beyond with the activity of petroleum products and hospitality.

Also iconic is Brahë’s teahouse named “Besa”, which gathered thousands of young people in Ferizaj. Baca Brahë and his entire family never waited for employment from the state to ensure their well-being. With their work, they are today, a great state aid to the thousands of families who have employees in its businesses. With the unstinting support of the family, he founded the fuel pump “HIB Petrol”, a name that has in addition to the beginning of his name, also the beginning of the name of his father, the distinguished activist, Hamdi Bucaliu, dismantling as H-Hamdi – I-Ibrahim – B- Bucaliu, a business that started with 10 employees while today has over 1500 employees with dignified salaries, in 20 points throughout Kosovo.

Apart from being extremely successful in business, Ibrahim Bucaliu and his whole family are also known for their spirit of solidarity, humanism shown in thousands of initiatives for aid and solidarity actions, not to mention the fact that his house was turned into a school, serving education. Albanian, during the Serbian occupation.

With an extraordinary business career, with the human spirit that distinguishes his personality, elegance and nobility, he attributes success to the family he values ​​above all and his old society with whom he exchanges ideas, memories of work on a daily basis of his past and present.

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