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Analyzes come out, it is revealed what poisoned the citizens in Deçan

The National Institute of Public Health has published the results of the water analysis in Deçan.

According to this analysis, it turns out that the water was contaminated, writes Gazeta Infokus.

“In the water samples taken on 12.072021 from the region of Deçan, after cultivation in nutrient media through the technique of identification with MALDI-ToF in the laboratories of NIPHK Prishtina, some bacteria have been identified that can give an indication for contamination of drinking water.

“Microbiological examinations in the samples received from patients with signs of gastrointestinal tract infection are continuing to detect various viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens”, it is said in the NIPHK communiqué.

After this analysis, NIPHK has requested an increase in the number of controls by the sanitary inspection, not to use water in Deçan until the situation normalizes, and has requested to stop the connection of wells to the water supply network.

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