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CRIME AT WORK! 10 municipal officers arrested for unlawful building!

According to Kosev, on the order of the pre-trial judge, actions were carried out in these municipalities in order to find evidence of committing the criminal offense of abuse of office or official authority against municipal officials, in connection with construction without a permit.

The prosecutor in the Department for Serious Crimes in Peja, Ljumturie Vučetaj, confirmed at the press conference that 10 officers had been detained and added that evidence was being collected due to suspicion that they had exceeded their competencies and abused their duty.

Vucetaj said that there was also a conflict of interest.

The mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri, claims that the arrested officials of that municipality, who are charged with abuse of official position, are innocent, according to Reporters.

According to Kosovo Online, he called on the judicial authorities to release the two arrested who, as he states, have chronic diseases, and for the procedure to continue in the regular procedure.

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