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How political news, expert advice – Latest news affect our brains

How political news, expert advice affects our brains

The news of the day in our country is full of politics. Every news edition starts with one or more politicians who sometimes speak clearly and sometimes between the lines, about problems that belong or not to the ordinary citizen.

A study published in the journal Plus One analyzed the physical and emotional consequences of civic engagement in politics through the news.

According to the study, people are losing sleep and are anxious because of politics.

How is the organism affected?

Kevin Smith from the University of Nebraska, who conducted the study, says politics has a strong and negative impact on human mental well-being. After interviewing the 800 people who were included in the study, analysts found that 40 percent of them were stressed by politics.

The study showed that in 20 percent of cases, political disagreements were the cause of the breakdown of many friendships. 4 percent of people interviewed admitted that they had feelings that motivated them to commit suicide because of politics.

11.5 percent of them say they had health problems from it. 31.8 percent admitted that televisions, whose editorial policy contradicted their political views, made them feel crazy.

“Politics has a very negative impact on human lives. “The way people perceive politics affects their lives in a very meaningful and strong way.”

Stress is sitting cross-legged in people’s lives and has an extremely bad impact on their lives.

If politics contributes to stress levels, then, without a doubt, its consequences will extend beyond the mental aspect and seriously endanger health.

What are the main organs most affected by stress

When we feel stressed, cortisol levels rise and can compromise the functions of many systems and organs in the body.


The emotional impact of stress disrupts the heartbeat and poses a risk to individuals experiencing arrhythmias.


When we are stressed, we can not get rid of migraines or headaches. Long-term stress, anxiety and depression can cause multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.


Stress can cause major skin problems, ranging from acne, acne, psoriasis and skin inflammation.


The stomach is a very sensitive organ to stress. If you try to ‘eat stress with bread’ the nutrients in the products on your plate will not match properly.

When stress strikes, the intestines do not absorb nutrients. They do not carry oxygen and blood circulates 4 times less in the parts of the digestive tract.

Immune systems

As we know, the immune system protects the body from foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and harmful cells.

When we are stressed, the number of lymphocytes found in the blood decreases significantly. Consequently they make us an easier target for infections. / eo

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