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Anton Quni admits that he is a candidate for president of LDK – Latest News

Anton Quni admits that he is a candidate for LDK chairman

Anton Quni from the Democratic League of Kosovo has stated that he will be a candidate for the post of LDK chairman.

Quni has confirmed his candidacy exclusively on the show ‘Pressing’, as he said that he will return the LDK voter.

“I am a candidate for chairman of the LDK. There are many reasons and factors why I decided to enter this race. In the last elections, distrust was expressed towards the LDK. “Those who came to VV, in a short time I would return them to their home”, he declared, among other things.

His comments come after the resignation request of LDK leader Isa Mustafa. Quni, so far is the first candidate who has publicly announced his candidacy for this post.

Among the names mentioned so far have been Lutfi Haziri, Kujtim Shala, and other names.

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