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Appliances that consume energy even when not in use – Latest News

Appliances that consume energy even when not in use

You think that by not using them, you are not wasting energy, but in fact you are wrong. Some appliances continue to consume power even after you turn them off.

Here are some of them:

A plug-in charger without a telephone
A charger left in the socket continues to use power even when there is no device connected to it. However the power is minimal, so it doesn’t hit our wallet too much.

They can cost up to $ 22, energy value per year. Most of us still do not mind switching our tuner to standby mode, thinking that leaving the TV is enough. This results in 5 times more than the cost.

This consumes about $ 25 of energy a year if the TV is turned off but not unplugged.

Computers and laptops
Even turned off, computers and laptops continue to work. This is why when you remove them, you can save up to $ 100 a year.

Timer equipment
By unplugging such a device, you save up to $ 114 a year.

Cables in sockets. Should we remove them?
Some may think the above amounts are small, while others would be impressed.

However, you should know that a sudden surge of energy can leave you without money and with a whole house with burnt appliances. It is therefore always recommended to unplug at the end of use. / eo

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