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Arrests are expected in Albania for 400 kg of cocaine seized in Lipjan – Latest News

Arrests are expected in Albania for 400 kg of cocaine seized in Lipjan

400 kg of cocaine were seized in Kosovo today. The drugs were brought from the port of Durrës and were deliberately left to go to the customers. The truck with the meat load had started from Brazil and entered the port of Durrës 15 days ago. The operation was carried out by Kosovo Albanian and Italian police, following a signal from the US DEA. But what was the itinerary and how were the traffickers caught in Kosovo? Investigative journalist Artan Hoxha revealed new details.

“Some packages of cocaine do not have the same packaging, which means that the shipment was not for a single organization. The Albanian trafficking group is. But based on the packaging you can understand how many groups there are. This is done from the beginning, for each group to get its own “brand”, as there have been cases where the quality of cocaine has not been the same, what has come has been of a very high purity. Albanian groups have used Brazil as a transit country.

There are cases where groups have taken cocaine in Ecuador or Bolivia and through Brazil, brought it to Europe. The first case of two years that was caught from Bolivia in Brazil with the logo “KF Elbasani”. The cargo was to Albania. In this case, the Kosovo authorities and ours and whoever is involved, the Italian ones and the DEA deserve a thumbs up for what they have done, they have taken away from fat organized crime a large amount of income, “he said.

Kosovo authorities said today that the value of the drug if it were to enter the market would be 20 million euros, but Artan Hoxha thinks otherwise. “With the purity that cocaine had, it is multiplied by three because it had crystal purity. Its value on the road goes to 120 million euros.

But how does cocaine come from Latin America? “The safe base is the environment where the cocaine, after being landed in a port, is put in a warehouse, apartment, basement and there it is extracted and processed, divided and the first amount of payment is taken, the group that transported the majority. Cocaine is bought from 1 thousand dollars to 3 thousand dollars and in Europe it ranges from 25-27 thousand euros. The group that takes it to the European port and takes it to the safe base receives the first payment. From there it goes to the second hand, the third to the last hand, which reaches the figure of 120 million euros “, he said.

But when did cocaine come to Albania? “The container came to Albania on May 5, with meat products. It’s the same as for bananas. After arriving the container was kept under surveillance by the state police and they waited. In Durrës there was a suspicion, the company that did the transport is in the name of two people (in Kosovo Izet Sheqiri arrested), (read here about the partner in Albania) the company was established 6 months ago. The company has its headquarters in Kavaja and a branch in Lipjan.

In fact the group has kept monitoring to see if the authorities have discovered it. On Saturday, the vehicle that took the trailer to Kosovo arrived. The intervention was left 48 hours late, as the authorities coordinated and decided to intervene when people came to pick up the product and were caught with “leeks in hand”. “When they left, 7 people were arrested,” he said.

Artan Hoxha announced arrests in Albania for the file. “Of course arrests are expected. Do not think that when a large load comes, the boss will go to the truck, he follows it from afar, as otherwise he would be caught. In this case, the people who went to get the product were hit “.

For the well-known journalist, the cocaine was destined for Germany. “This amount was destined for Germany, which is a big market. The Albanian groups of Albania and Kosovo that deal with traffic have one thing in common, the territory of Germany. Today we have caught the transporters, not the financiers, we are like in the case of Arbër Çekaj. Investigating these organizations requires a different approach, not muscle, but mind. “You should try to be one step ahead of organized crime,” he said./ Abcnews.al

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