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Arsim Bajrami shows why he has resigned from all positions in PDK – Latest News

Arsim Bajrami shows why he resigned from all positions in PDK

Professor Arsim Bajrami spoke about his time in the KLA and PDK. He says the country was left to new generations after the end of the country’s state-building cycle.

“I joined the KLA in 1996 advising the General Staff, advising the Political Directorate, in the first international contacts. “When we started communicating with the Americans, I had my first meetings with Mr. Hill in Drenica, in the mountains of Drenica at the General Staff, where I advised Mr. Thaçi to reject any draft that does not guarantee independence,” Bajrami said.

“Then I joined the KLA in Rambouillet where I served as chief legal adviser and after the war I founded the Democratic Party with Mr. Thaçi where I was among the first 10 founders or I would say the first professor who has joined them.” , he stressed for RTV21.

After the completion of the state-building cycle, I turned to the students because one needs days when one enters politics and when one leaves. Politics should not shoot at it like the waves of the sea that carry someone across the sea. “I must appear in politics dignified and clean”, stressed Bajrami.

“I talked to the party leadership. It has not been an easy decision for them either to agree with me to vacate the position of the new generations and I think that this example should be done by other colleagues in PDK, to understand that we are the founders, we can be “Good advisors, but we have to try a new generation,” he said.

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