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Bahtiri says LVV supporters attacked by “PDK gangsters” – Latest News

Bahtiri says LVV supporters attacked by

LVV candidate for mayor of Mitrovica, Agim Bahitri reacted after, as he said, the supporters of this party were attacked by PDK supporters in the Bair neighborhood of this municipality.

Bahtiri said that during the rally they were holding in the Bair neighborhood, “PDK gangsters” attacked LVV supporters.

“I feel sorry for our supporters, who were attacked tonight by PDK gangsters in the Bair neighborhood, during the rally we were holding there. Big and small should know that this time is gone. “It will never happen again,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

He says that he feels bad that the PDK gives “this face” to the city of Mitrovica, as he says about them that “they are showing their true face”.

“I feel bad that you are giving this face to our peaceful city, but you are already showing your true face. “Not PDK, this is not the way to debate or campaign.”

“I will succeed Mitrovica like the last 8 years!”, Said Bahtiri in the end. / Voice

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