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Bardhi: About 3700 well being personnel have been vaccinated with Pfizer up to now

Vaccination of health personnel with the antiCOVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer, continues in the “October 1” hall in Prishtina.

During today in this center 120 people have been vaccinated by health personnel, while for six days when the vaccination with Pfizer started, about 3,700 people have been vaccinated.

The coordinator of the Vaccination Center in the hall “October 1”, Niman Bardhi said that in Kosovo to date have been vaccinated about 28 thousand people, from two contingents of vaccines, Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Today is the 6th consecutive day of vaccination in the “October 1” hall with the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19. “Currently, up to this point we are talking about, 120 people have been vaccinated, while in total the number goes to 3700. If we refer to the total, there are around 28 thousand vaccines offered, including AstaZeneca and Pfizer”, he said.

Kosovo days ago was supplied with 4,680 Pfizer / BioNtech vaccines from the first part of 95 thousand vaccines which were allocated to Kosovo in support of the Western Balkan countries for vaccination with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Of this contingent that arrived 6 days ago, only 910 doses of the Pfizer vaccine remain.

On Wednesday morning, another 38,400 doses of the vaccine are expected to arrive in Kosovo within the COVAX alliance.

“The Ministry of Health will receive another 38,400 doses of the vaccine within the COVAX alliance. Consequently so far counting the 24,000 doses we received weeks ago we have a total of 62,400 doses. These doses will arrive in Kosovo on Wednesday morning “, it is said in the announcement of the Ministry of Health.

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