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Batatina: We are attacked in Suhareka, the match should have been stopped – Latest News

Batatina: We are attacked in Suhareka, the match had to be stopped

September 18, 2021 – 19:03

Llap coach Tahir Batatina expressed dissatisfaction with the organization of the match against the Balkans in Suhareka.

The coach from Llapja said that the local fans continued with insults and the match had to be interrupted.

“First, in these conditions, the match should not have taken place, with all these fans, with all these interruptions and swearing and insults throughout the match. This behavior does not suit either Kosovo or Suhareka.

Their insults show the organization of the club and their respect. The main referee of this match should not have held this match. Throughout the match there were throws of solid objects, but the match was not interrupted.

“As for the match, we dominated it all the time, but we suffered two goals from our mistakes”, declared Batatina.

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