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Bela Crkva, Vojvodina, Vojvodina, favourite vacationer vacation spot

The first guests are slowly arriving on the beaches of Bela Crkva, and the accommodation capacities are being filled. The people of Bela Crkva are ready to welcome the season, the beaches are arranged, the coast is tidy. During the coronavirus, more space was sought in the White Church, and all accommodation capacities were filled by October.

“We mention that 2020 again, which showed that the number of accommodation capacities at that time was insufficient. So, from 2020, the number of accommodation units has increased by about a hundred and we hope that the weather conditions will allow the situation with the corona virus to be filled and that those who come here will feel comfortable “, expects Novica Jovanović, TO director White church.

To Romania’s neighbors, the White Church lakes were often the choice for a vacation until the coronavirus epidemic. After the measures are lifted, they also return to Bela Crkva.

In addition to apartment accommodation, Bela Crkva has profiled itself in recent years as an excellent camping destination.

“We have increased a few places, where it rains in case of such a situation that people have a bigger canopy where they can grill and stay in case of bad weather. We also improved the beach a little, poured some sand every year, introduced some jeeps for rent, so that people could visit the sandstone, Zagajacka brda “, states Branko Palić from the” Oasis “camp.

Although the tourist season officially starts on June 20, and it is traditionally opened by the White Church Carnival, thanks to the nice weather, some capacities have already been filled. However, the largest number of guests is still awaited by the people of Bela Crkva.

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