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Big event on Sunday 2 May – Sail and Clean on Lake Badovc

On Sunday, May 2, “SuperXplorers” in cooperation with the Kayak Club “Lumbardhi”, “Kayak Club Zona” and “Be In Kosova” have organized an open event for cleaning Lake Badovc.

In the notification of these operators, in addition to cleaning the lake, it will be used to promote the sport of Kayak, Gazeta Insajderi reports.

“We, the lovers of kayak activity, have decided to organize a big and open event for everyone on May 2, where we will bring all our equipment (boats) with which we will try to clean every part of the shores of Lake Badovc. At the same time, on this day we want to promote kayaking as much as possible as a new and very attractive activity for our country, in which case everyone will have the opportunity to try kayaking in Lake Badovc “, it is said in the announcement.

All these operators have expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation that is created in the Forests of Germia and Lake Badovc from the waste dumped by people as well as from the rain. “The forests of Gërmia and Lake Badovc are the biggest natural attractions that our capital Prishtina has. However, when we see the current situation of each of us, lovers of nature and sports, our souls are hurt by the state of waste that many of them are thrown by people who visit these areas but also those that bring rain, “said in the announcement of the event. “Gërmia and Badovci in every month and every season need to be kept clean, especially in summer. We expect you as many friends and nature lovers to join us “, it is said in the call of these operators.

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