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Bislimi says they are working at an accelerated pace towards European integration – Latest News

Bislimi says they are working at an accelerated pace towards European integration

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, said that they are working at an accelerated pace in the field of European integration.

Through a Facebook post, Bislimi has listed some of the work done so far by the Government in this regard. / Voice

His full post:

In the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, we are working at an accelerated pace in the field of European Integration, and in full harmony with other processes.

Let me list below some of the work we have done so far in this regard:

– Local coordination structures have been consolidated at all levels through the decision on the Establishment of Inter-Institutional Coordination Structures for the European Integration Process, in function of coordination between institutions within the country for the implementation of EU integration reforms, during the reporting period.

– Regular weekly meetings were held with the team of the EU representative in Kosovo, in order to continuously coordinate the work.

– The Priorities of the second phase of the European Reform Agenda (ERA II) have been reviewed.

– The Review of the Action Plan of the National Plan for the Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (PKZMSA 2021-2025) has been voted.

– Approval in principle of the ERA II Action Plan in the Ministerial Council for European Integration on 21 May 2021.

– Approval of NPISAA 2021-2025 at the Government Meeting on July 14, 2021.

– Holding consultations with civil society organizations within the Stabilization and Association Bodies.

– Ratification in the Assembly of the Financial Agreement for IPA 2020 between the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union, which provides 90.2 million euros of investments in the form of grants from the EU, 13.6 million euros from other partners, combined with loans from development banks and co-financing on the Kosovo side.

– Approval of the investment grant from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (IFBIF) for the Besi-Merdare highway, in the amount of EUR 38 million, and the ratification of the IPA 2020 cross-border cooperation agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, which provides access of border areas to funds worth over 1 million euros.

– Renegotiation of the sector budget support indicator for the public administration reform for 2021, the fulfillment of which will ensure the benefit of IPA funds in the amount of 5.5 million euros and the request for disbursement of budget support under IPA 2019 has been made , part 2, in the amount of 4.5 million euros.

– Continuation of the implementation of the reforms required in the SAA, as part of which we have implemented several processes which have not been completed for years, such as. transfer of municipal inspectors to the central level (an act which enables the EU Office to continue supporting FVA through the project of establishing regional offices), initiating the opening of state customs terminals, removing trade barriers through the abolition of homologation.

– Continue the implementation of the reforms required in the SAA and continue the EU dialogue through the joint institutional structures of the SAA.

While in the framework of coordination, planning and monitoring of donor assistance we have:

– Started the implementation of the EU funded project for the replacement of filters of the Kosovo B Power Plant, which is funded in the amount of 40 million euros by IPA 2018 and 38 million euros by IPA 2019.

– Completed negotiations with the EU on the targets to be achieved during 2021 in the framework of public administration reform to enable direct disbursement in the budget of 5.5 million euros as part of the IPA 2016 program.

– Started the process to gain access to some of the EU Programs, such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus +, Creative Europe and it is expected to continue the work for inclusion in other programs for which we are interested.

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