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BRANISLAV DISAPPEARED FROM NIŠKA SPA! He left the household with solely a bit of paper with a wierd message on it!

Branislav’s father Sibin says that, before he left, he left an unusual message stuck in the door, from which it is not possible to conclude what his intentions are.

– The last time his mother saw him was between 1.30 pm and 2 pm, he was in the yard, doing the usual things. At one point, he was no more … She found only a piece of paper that said: “Watch out for the goats, I’m going to Banja to recover.”

We are afraid for him, we are a harmonious family, he had no reason to just leave. He had some health problems a long time ago, but he recovered and behaved quite normally in recent years.

We have no explanation for his actions or an idea of ​​where he might have been. That’s why we reported his disappearance to the police – said the worried man.

He says that he does not believe that Branislav really went where he wrote because he does not have enough money to pay for a longer leave of absence from home.

– I believe that there are no more than five, six thousand dinars. As far as I know, he didn’t take any luggage with him – states Sibin.

When he left home, Branislav was wearing a navy jacket, green pants and Pirot slippers.

His family is asking anyone who knows anything about him to call 0643859326 or call the police.

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