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Bulgarian elite sanctions, US administration punishes 5 political and business figures – Latest News

Sanctions of the Bulgarian elite, the US administration punishes 5 figures of politics and business

June 02, 2021 – 23:33

The US government on Wednesday sanctioned 5 Bulgarian citizens and 64 related entities for involvement in corruption and organized crime.

The official announcement of the Treasury Department highlights the names of well-known Bulgarian businessman Vasil Kroumov Boykov, former MP Delyan Slavchev Peevski and former deputy director of the Bulgarian State Agency for Technical Operations, Ilko Dimitrov Zhelyazkov.

Meanwhile, the sanctioned entities are mainly private companies affiliated with them, including media groups.

According to the American authorities, the persons in question, but also some of their collaborators, using public posts, have been involved in high-level corruption scandals./EuronewsAlbania

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