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Canadian PM: Nearly impossible to get all citizens out of Afghanistan – Latest News

Canadian PM: It is almost impossible to get all citizens out of Afghanistan

August 19, 2021 – 23:22

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said it is likely that Canada will be able to safely evacuate all Canadians and its allies from Afghanistan due to the Taliban taking control of Kabul.

“It will be very, very difficult to get a lot of people out of there. Of course, we will get some out of there, but to get as many people out as we want will be almost impossible in the coming weeks “, said Trudeau, reports Klan Kosova.

Canada currently has massive ground transport aircraft in Kabul and has forces working with Afghans to evacuate them, the BBC reports.

“The border, however, is not in the hands of Canada or Canadian air transport, the Taliban are continuing to block access for Afghans.”

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