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Çeku: Arrangement of the memorial complex “Adem Jashari”, a worthy presentation of the history of Kosovo – Latest News

Çeku: Arrangement of the memorial complex

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hajrualla Çeku, said that they are committed to realize the project of arranging the memorial complex “Adem Jashari”, so that the history of Kosovo is presented to the international community with dignity.

Ceku said that in the first meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Coordination of the Process for project selection and monitoring of project implementation for the memorial complex “Adem Jashari” in Prekaz, it was agreed that this commission will have seven different experts.

“This committee, which is being chaired by Prime Minister Kurti to give him the treatment he deserves, also includes ministers and leaders of state institutions along with the OVL-KLA. Today we made some important decisions regarding the ‘Adem Jashari’ memorial complex. Initially, a report was presented on the preliminary condition of the existing buildings in the memorial complex drafted by an expert from the Ministry of Culture, and it was decided that a team of professionals would be joined by civil engineers to ensure that the buildings in the complex were not in danger of collapsing. .

In the next meeting we will have the final report on the physical condition of the buildings of this complex and after the recommendation of the professionals we will make a final decision if there will be a need for intervention in these buildings. The second point of today’s meeting was the creation of the commission of experts provided by the Law on Memorial Complex ‘Adem Jashari’. We agreed that this commission should have 7 different architects, historians. While in the next meeting will come the concrete names of local and international experts, who will be voted and proposed by the Committee to take over the task of this committee of experts. The task of the commission is to assist the committee in the process of the master plan project for the memorial complex ‘Adem Jashari’.

It is important that in this effort, led by the Prime Minister, this committee has taken seriously the treatment of this issue and we are committed to implement all legal obligations to the end to realize the memorial project ‘Adem Jashari’ and to we make it as presentable as possible internationally, in order to show the recent history of Kosovo through this work “, said Çeku. / EO

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