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Challandes: I’m not happy with the result, but with the team game – Latest News

Challandes: I'm not happy with the result, but with the team game

September 05, 2021 – 23:20


Kosovo coach Bernard Challandes said that he is not happy with the result against Greece, but with the team’s game.

He said it was not all perfect but the players have shown good mentality.

“I have a double feeling. We accepted the game but then we played football. It is clear that we wanted more to verticalize, to play short, to hold the ball. We started differently than before but we need to work harder. It was not easy to find space in their game. “We talked at the beginning of this gathering to play as Kosovo, as a team”, he said.

He said that citizens who will have the opportunity to play against Spain should use the opportunity.

“Astrit is our attacking player and at the moment we have Vedat Muriqi and there is competition but it should be known that he is part of the group and I do not know when he will have the moment”, he said.

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