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Complaints had been filed in Klokot in opposition to Boban Đuzić and the attacker of Albanian nationality

Lawyer Vasilije Arsić stated that the minor Albanian Lj. E. a certain measure of house arrest.

"Boban Đuzić will be questioned after leaving the hospital, after which we will know what measure has been decided against him"said Arsic.

The lawyer of the Đuzić family reminds that the Prosecutor’s Office still does not have the qualification of a criminal offense and that the doctor’s report is awaited.

At this stage of the proceedings, he did not want to comment on the work of the prosecution and the circumstances under which the investigation is being conducted, until he is officially acquainted with the case and files based on witness statements, collected evidence and other evidentiary material.

Nineteen-year-old Boban Đuzić was stabbed twice in the shoulder area when, as he said, three Albanians from the village attacked him. He was treated at the hospital in Pasjan, where he is still recovering.

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