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“Copa America” ​​will not be held in Colombia – Latest News

May 20, 2021 – 23:57

Argentina is expected to take responsibility for hosting the Copa America championship.

Following the events and political problems in Colombia, the decision has been made not to organize the “Copa America” ​​in Colombia this summer, reports Zeri.info.

The report of the US State Department states that he is not safe to travel to this country, so he forces him to change the country.

Sources close to Conmebol’s governing body told “Marcas” that the decision has been made and the championship will be organized by Argentina, and this news is expected to be made official soon.

The Colombian government has reacted by saying that everything is under control, and everything will be fixed in time, except for the fact that Covid-19 is still present.

The details of the stadiums and logistics for the championship in Argentina have not been determined yet, as this country also has serious problems with Covid-19 like other countries./Zeri.info

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