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Croatian heads of state give Kosovo right to reciprocity of license plates with Serbia – Latest News

Croatian heads of state give Kosovo the right to reciprocity of license plates with Serbia

The Prime Minister of Croatia, at the same time President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Andrej Plenkovi., Called for common sense and calming of the situation on the border between Kosovo and Serbia.

“In all international forums, Croatia’s position has always been that messages of calming tensions and reducing tensions should prevail,” Plenkovic told reporters in Zagreb after the HDZ summit meeting, Zeri.info reports.

The situation was also commented by the President of Croatia, Zoran Milanovi., Who told reporters in Split that the situation in Kosovo does not directly endanger Croatia, but that his country is monitoring relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

He stated that Kosovo reciprocally responded to the measure that Serbia has applied for 20 years, which means that it is not possible to pass through Serbia with Kosovo license plates.

“The situation in Kosovo does not endanger us, but we are watching it. I do not believe that Kosovo will be recognized soon by other EU countries, but I can also call for de-escalation. Kosovo stubbornly demands the same measure for vehicles coming from Serbia because citizens with Kosovo license plates are not allowed to pass through Serbia. Who is scaling up here? Maybe we should cover our heads and shut our mouths, I do not know. The point is to object. “The wolf will always catch the sheep, because it is a wolf,” he commented.

“Some countries have an excursion nature, but this does not endanger Croatia. I am not worried. We have an unstable region and a state that talks about the Serbian world. Accordingly, is Subotica a Croatian world, where in 1900 there was “About 100,000 citizens, and half of them were Croats? I can not claim that,” added Croatian President Milanovic.

He assessed that both Belgrade and Pristina will find it difficult to “advance further towards the European Union” in this form, but that the situation is more difficult for Kosovo, which is not recognized by all EU members, reported the agency “Hina”. / Voice

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