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Defect at Batllava water plant leaves many customers without regular supply – Latest News

The defect in the water factory in Batllava leaves many customers without regular supply

The Regional Water Company “Prishtina” has announced that this morning some technical problems appeared inside the water treatment plant in Albanik (or as it is known “Batllava factory”), from which Podujeva is supplied with water with villages, line villages Albanik-Prishtina as well as the vast majority of the city of Prishtina that depends on this plant.

RWC “Prishtina” states that the operation and maintenance teams are in the plant trying to fix the technical problem as soon as possible, with all the capacity for work.

“Due to this defect, we are forced to work today with a capacity halved by this plant. “Despite this defect, we will do our best to have good and equal distribution of water within the city of Prishtina, not guaranteeing in some parts uninterrupted supply of drinking water, until the defect is repaired”, said the company, reports Zeri.info.

According to the Water Supply, all villages gravitating along the Albanik-Prishtina highway will be left without drinking water supply, as will the villages of Shkabaj, Mazgit and Bakshi.

In the city of Prishtina, water supply interruptions during the noon period today will have customers supplied by the reservoir ‘Kodra’ and they are from the neighborhood ‘Kodra e Trimave’, part of the neighborhood ‘Arbëria’ towards the new municipality of Prishtina and the neighborhood ‘Përroi i Njelmët’. Also, the city of Podujeva with villages will remain without water supply “, stressed the RWC” Prishtina “.

The company has sought the understanding of customers, saying that “our commitment and willingness to repair the defect in the plant will be inevitable.” / Voice

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