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Detention measure is imposed against 10 persons, suspected of these criminal offenses

The Basic Court in Prishtina has ordered detention on remand against the defendants SF, AP, SS, LP, FH, GK, FS, J.GJ., FK, RR.M., due to the grounded suspicion that the co-defendants have committed the criminal offense ‘Organization of pyramid schemes and illegal gambling’.

Defendants FS, SF and FH each separately committed the criminal offense ‘Unauthorized possession, control or possession of weapons’.

The defendants SF, AP, SS, LP, FH, GK, FS, J.GJ., and FK, the court has assigned the measure of detention for a period of 1 (one) month for each separately, and the detention is calculated from the time of detention on 24.03.2021 until 23.04.2021.

While against the defendant RR.M., he was assigned the measure of house arrest for a period of 1 month, which measure will be calculated starting from 24.03.2021, until 23.04.2021.

The pre-trial judge assessed that the measure of detention and house arrest are adequate measures for the unimpeded development in this criminal case, as there are circumstances that indicate the risk that if the defendants are released they can escape and avoid calls to Court and Prosecution, in order to avoid criminal liability.

Also, if the defendants are found at large, they can hide, alter or falsify the evidence, influencing the co-perpetrators and potential witnesses, and the same can affect the damage, disappearance and destruction of concrete evidence.

The parties have the right to appeal against this decision to the Court of Appeals of Kosovo through the Basic Court in Prishtina.

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