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Detention of 11 suspected smugglers with migrants – Latest News

 Detention of 11 suspects for migrant smuggling

The Basic Court in Prizren has imposed detention on 11 suspects for smuggling migrants.

According to the Court notice, the suspects smuggled migrants from Albania to Kosovo from June to September for financial gain.

“The Basic Court in Prizren, Department of Serious Crimes, the judge of the procedure – Artan Sejrani, has assigned the measure of detention for a period of thirty (30) days, which will be calculated from the time of arrest 27.09.2021 and can last until dated 27.10.2021, against the defendants: B.Sh., (citizen of the Republic of Kosovo), RI, (citizen of the Republic of Kosovo), MV, (citizen of the Republic of Kosovo), SJ, (citizen of the Republic of Kosovo ), SG, (citizen of Algeria), AH, (citizen of Syria), SM, (citizen of Syria), MR, (citizen of Syria), due to the suspicion that he has committed the criminal offense of possession, control or unauthorized possession of weapons, HH, (citizen of Iraq), SR, (citizen of Palestine) and AB, (citizen of Algeria) “, the Court announces.

“From June to September 2021, in the capacity of co-perpetrators, the defendants, smuggle migrants in order to directly benefit the financial benefit, so that after the preliminary agreement between them, the defendants SG, AH , SM, MR, HH, SR, and AB, (citizens of Algeria, Syria, Iraq and Palestine) organized groups of migrants have taken them from the territory of the Republic of Albania, directing them, they enter the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, outside the border line Morinë – Vërmicë, upon entering the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, the migrants waited for the defendants B.Sh., RF ,, MV, and SJ (citizens of the Republic of Kosovo), who using vehicles transport each time from 25 to 30, migrants from Syria and other Asian countries who had illegally entered Kosovo, the same were placed in a Hotel, from where they were transported near the border crossing of Jarin jes and for this service from each of them receive a certain amount of money, while on September 27, 2021 during the control of the Hotel were encountered 92 migrants, and while being transported were encountered over 30 migrants “, the Court announces. / Voice

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