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Do not think that the ‘old men’ were shaken, again snow from this date

Today in Kosovo the weather will be sunny and cloudy.

Temperatures are expected to rise due to the penetration of slightly warmer masses from the Mediterranean.

Winds will start blowing from the southwest.

In Albania, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro today is expected to hold weather with long intervals of sunny and cloudy places.

Occasional rain and snow are expected in Montenegro and deep in northern Albania.

On Saturday, changeable weather awaits us, but a little warmer.

Sunny time intervals are expected, but also eclipses and rainy places, slightly more intense in Albania.

Sunday warmer weather, with south and southwest winds.

Rarely in some regions there may be some rainstorm.

From Monday return of winter weather, with rain and snow depending on the region and altitude.

Temperatures will drop and cold northern winds will blow./Meteoballkan/

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