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Besian Mustafa tells why he ran for president of LDK – Latest News

Besian Mustafa tells why he ran for president of LDK

The candidate for president of LDK, Besian Mustafa, said in T7 that he is the right candidate to lead this subject.

He says decisions in the past have lost much value to the LDK.

“LDK today is at 12.6%. a party that won convincingly. As President Rugova said, we had a solid victory. There is disconnection with the citizen. We were the first pluralist party. “This was the axis, solidarity with the citizens to work for Kosovo”, he says.

Further he shows his profile and why he decided to run.

“I think he has both the right pillars for running. First, I am a continuation of the LDK policy. I have luggage constantly on that arm ,. The second is that I am an educated man in America. From high school to high school I completed them there. So from the age of 18 “, said Mustafa.

The LDK by-elections will be held on March 14. The mandate will be a continuation of that of Isa Mustafa and not a full mandate.

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