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Doris Pack: Visas should be liberalized for Kosovo, not given up – Latest News

Doris Pack: Visas should be liberalized for Kosovo, not given up

Former member of the European Parliament, Doris Pack, said that it is a great shame for the European Union that has not yet lifted visas for Kosovo.

“This is shameful, I feel ashamed and the Commission and the European Parliament have been in favor of visa liberalization for a long time and Kosovo has done everything that was asked of it. “The last thing he had to do was demarcate the territory with Montenegro, he did it and then nothing happened and that is a shame.”

“By acting in this way, the EU is losing credibility, so I think that Angela Merkel has realized that the Balkans have been neglected, so in 2015 she started with the Balkan Summit, but the problem is that the results of this summit are never put in country by the governments of the countries of the region “, said Pack, reports Klan Kosova.

“I have the impression that at least the approach to the Balkans is closer as well, because we are seeing that there are other forces working in the region, if you look at how the Chinese are entering the region or what Russia is doing, even “Turkey is like these countries lying in the middle of the European Union and we need them, because it is our European heritage and I can not understand how we lost so much time, I was hopeful in the late 90s.”

Pack said in an exclusive interview for the Special Edition that Kosovo should not give up on visa liberalization requirements.

“First of all, visa liberalization should definitely happen and I think that if my party wins again, Mr. Lashet knows the situation and he is listening and will go the way of Angela Merkel. I’m sure and I do not know who the coalition partner will be, but I think it will also be in their interest to find a solution for this region and be really committed to solving the problems. “We can not solve them, politicians can do it.”

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