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Drama in Zajecar – a boy fell right into a manhole stuffed with water, confirmed no indicators of life, firefighters saved him

Members of the Zajecar Fire and Rescue Company, returning from work, found a group of people gathered in General Gambeta Street and on that occasion saw a minor child who fell into an unprotected manhole, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

A firefighter-rescuer descended into a manhole about four meters deep with a tow rope, grabbed the child by the legs and pulled him out.

The boy showed no signs of life, and after Andrija Trifunović and Sasa Lalić resuscitated him, he regained consciousness, after which he was transported to the Zaječar Health Center, where he was given medical assistance.

The Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, thanked the firefighters Trifunović and Lalić, emphasizing that they had done a feat worthy of every admiration.

The statement states that the minister will reward the brave firefighters who saved the life of the three-year-old.

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