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Elevated visitors on highways, the busiest toll plazas Preljina, Stara Pazova, Obrenovac

In addition to longer delays at border crossings, there may be occasional delays at toll plazas, among which Preljina, Stara Pazova, Obrenovac and Dimitrovgrad are the busiest, it is added in the announcement.

According to the information of the Border Police Administration, obtained at 5.30, at the Horgos border crossing, passenger vehicles are waiting for one both at the entrance and at the exit from the country.

At the passenger terminals, at the entrance to the country, at the Kelebija crossing, there is a wait of one hour, and at Batrovci 40 minutes.

At the exit from the country, passenger vehicles wait at the Gostun crossing for 40 minutes, and at Presevo for 30 minutes.

There are no vehicle detentions at the cargo terminals of our border crossings, it is added in the announcement.

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