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EU calls Russia-linked hacker attacks unacceptable – Latest News

The EU calls the Russian-linked hacker attacks unacceptable

September 24, 2021 – 17:00

Following a campaign of cyber attacks in several European countries, the European Union (EU) called on Russia to abide by the rules of responsible conduct.

“Several member states have detected malicious cyber activities and linked them to the Russian state,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a statement on September 24.

The EU considers such activities unacceptable, as they “threaten the integrity and security, values ​​and principles of democracy”.

A German prosecutor earlier this month launched an investigation into a series of cyber-attacks targeting German politicians.

The German Foreign Ministry has blamed Moscow. Russia has denied the allegations, which are being made ahead of Germany’s September 26 parliamentary elections.

According to Borrell, the victims of the cyber campaign are “numerous members of parliament, government officials, politicians and members of EU civil society.”

Hackers, according to him, “enter computer systems and personal accounts steal data”.

He warned that the EU “would consider taking further steps”, but gave no further details.

On September 6, the German Foreign Ministry said the government possessed “credible information” that the recent cyber-attacks were linked to actors in Russia, “especially the Russian military intelligence service” known as the GRU. / REL

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