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“Europa Nostra” and FRH return the answer to Çeku e Gërvalla for the Monastery of Deçan – Latest News

Photo: Laura Hasani

Last month, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hajrulla Çeku, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla, sent a letter to the Executive President of “Europa Nostra”, Hermann Parzinger, regarding the inclusion of the Deçan Monastery in list of the most endangered monuments in Europe.

In that letter, the couple said that the decision for the Deçan Monastery is unfair and politically influenced.

While today, “Europa Nostra” has returned the answer to Çeku and Gërvalla to their concern.

This letter states that the file for the nomination of the Monastery of Deçan, submitted by “Future for Religious Heritage”, was carefully prepared in accordance with the highest professional standards required for nominations under this program.

“The same applies to the entire selection and decision-making process that has led to the inclusion of Deçan Monastery in this year’s list of 7 most endangered places in Europe”, it is said among other things in this letter, reports Zeri.info.

The Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage “Europa Nostra” has forwarded an additional public statement approved by its Board at the meeting held on June 1, 2021, which, says this federation, “will give you additional clarifications about the purpose and the procedures of the Program of 7 Most Endangered Places and the decision to include the Deçan Monastery in this year’s list ”.

The head of this federation, together with Pilar Bahamonde, President of the organization “Future for Religious Heritage”, has emphasized that the inclusion of a country in this list is not the end of the process, but that this action marks the start of future consultations with all parties. included.

“As a result, a comprehensive report is prepared on the state of the issue, with recommendations for adequate action which should eventually lead to the removal of the risk (s) that a particular heritage site faces and finally the removal of that site from Our list of 7 Most Endangered Countries. This method has been applied to all countries that have been included in our list “, it is said in this letter signed by the Executive President of” Europa Nostra “, Hermann Parzinger, and Pilar Bahamonde, President of the organization” Future for Religious Heritage “.

It is further noted that since the launch of this program in 2013, 43 endangered countries have been selected in 26 European countries. Meanwhile, it is said that their mission is to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the selected countries as endangered for the good of society in general.

“Therefore, our action in most cases is welcomed by national and local authorities because it offers valuable support and expert advice”, it is further stated in this letter, reports Zeri.info.

Hermann Parzinger and Pilar Bahamonde reiterate that, “as we said in the letter sent on April 19, 2021 to the President of Kosovo and the Prime Minister, a delegation composed of experts appointed by ‘Europa Nostra’ plans to visit Kosovo for talks with all parties. included ”.

“This visit will take place as soon as the epidemiological situation allows such trips, most likely after the summer. In the meantime, we have started organizing online meetings with local and international interlocutors. “Therefore, we would propose to arrange an online meeting with you as soon as possible during June,” said the presidents of Europa Nostra and Future for Religious Heritage.

Finally, they thanked the institutions of Kosovo for their commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage. /voice

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