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Exhibition in Paris reveals details about the life of the French icon, Simone Veil – Latest News

The exhibition in Paris reveals details about the life of the French icon, Simone Veil

An open exhibition in Paris has uncovered previously unpublished documents about the life of one of France’s most extraordinary women.

Simone Veil, born in Nice in 1927, was a Holocaust survivor in which she lost her parents, writes Euronews, reports KultPlus.

After much hardship, she became a government minister and campaigned for abortion to become legal – which was achieved in 1974.

Constance de Gaulmyn, curator at the National Archives and responsible for Simone Veil’s collection, said there are many unpublished documents that will be presented for the first time.

“There are many unpublished documents that have never been extracted from the archives and which are being presented to the public for the first time. Some of them are presented in the form of books, reproductions in recently published books and here the visitor will have the opportunity to see them in their original form, to take the time to read them, to see how Simone Veil writes ”.

The H detel de Ville exhibition, entitled “We love you, madam”, brings together nearly 500 documents from a life steeped in battles and victories for women’s rights.

Simone became the first female President of the European Parliament in 1979.

The exhibition will be open until August 21.

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