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Fifi and Luana’s friendship breaks down !?

We all know that for a long time, the famous singer Fifi and the moderator much loved by the public, Luana Vjollca, have good company with each other.

During the seasons of Luana’s show, “Shiko Kush Luan”, Fifi has accompanied us with her musical performances and not only on social networks but also on screen, they have often expressed their love for each other.

Fifi and Luana were friends for a while, so it would be logical that if he had not made a public wish, Luana would have been at least present at Fifi’s birthday party.

However, the moderator did not do any of these.

Fifi celebrated her 27th birthday last night with many friends and VIP characters, but Luana did not appear anywhere.

The two girls continue to follow each other on social networks, but if before they did not stop the beautiful public dedications, but for Fifi’s birthday, the moderator was silent.

This led us to suspect that there may have been a misunderstanding between them that may have broken the relationship, but it is still unknown what.

Neither Fifi nor Luana have reacted on this topic, while we are all eyes and ears to find out what happens to the two girls that the public has so much affection for./Kosovarja/

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