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For five months, TAK raised about 243 million euros – Latest News

For five months, TAK raised about 243 million euros

The Tax Administration of Kosovo during the first five-month period of 2021, has managed to collect about 243 million euros, where compared to the same period last year it turns out that there are about 57 million euros more revenue collected, so announced the director of this institution, Ilir Murtezaj.

Murtezaj also said in an interview for Ekonomia Online, that there are about 24 million euros more collected than planned for this period.

“During this five-month period of this year we can say that we have a return to normal payment of taxes where the performance so far shows that we are in an extremely good trend, managing to collect about 243 million euros, a lot which if Compared to the same period last year, it turns out that we have about 57 million euros more revenue collected. “And if we compare it with the plan, we have about 24 million euros of revenues collected more than the plan for this period that is foreseen in the budget of the year”, he said.

Also, the director of TAK, has announced that this time period is characterized by an increase of 27 percent of turnover, which amounts to 822 million euros.

“This increase makes us hope that it will continue with a similar trend for the rest of the year where if we look at the statistics which show that we have a parallel increase in turnover for the five months 2021 compared to the same period of 2020, we have an increase of about 27 percent of turnover or expressed in values ​​about 822 million euros increased turnover. These are indicators that make us believe that ferries have also been raised for the rest of the year. So far, we are claiming based on the communications we have with the Ministry of Finance to have an increase of the revenue collection ferry for about 32 million euros for the rest of the current year “, he added.

On the other hand, Murtezaj, has shown that businesses due to the pandemic still have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations to TAK, but that this institution within the legal possibilities has understood them.

“We have difficulties because we still have businesses that have not managed to return to normal. They still have difficulties in their liquidity and have problems even with their own operations, and at the same time problems with taxes. For this reason, we as an institution since the beginning of the pandemic and the previous years have tried to understand them within the legal possibilities and to give space so that the payment of taxes does not cause businesses to go bankrupt or their development to become difficult. their businesses. In these cases, the law stipulates that when businesses have financial difficulties, debt programming, payment of the unpaid obligation in installments. In this regard, in 2020 we have tripled the planned debt compared to 2019 “, he said.

According to Mutezaj, although businesses have had the opportunity to fulfill their obligations through the decision to forgive debt penalties, few of them have done so.

Therefore, he warned that after June 30, the measures provided by law to businesses begin, such as: blocking bank accounts, blocking customs, treasury and even confiscation of property or sending cases to court by raising criminal charges.

“We are at the end of the period where, based on the decision of the Government, businesses have been given the opportunity to benefit from the forgiveness of penalties in case they pay the tax and interest base, and this has led to an unsatisfactory number of businesses which are use this right and now based on current data it turns out businesses have benefited in the total amount of forgiveness of penalties over 4 million euros and as a result we have managed to collect over 14.5 million euros in debts by paying the tax and interest base. After the period of June 30, of course, our tax officials will be forced to act in terms of law enforcement and collection of unpaid debts. It is implied that whether or not businesses wanted to exercise this right, the obligation must be paid. The measures are foreseen by law, they are clarified such as the blocking of bank accounts, blocking at the customs, treasury and even the confiscation of property or even sending cases to court by raising criminal charges “, he said, among other things.

Murtezaj also stressed that TAK has launched a reform aimed at consolidating the debt function, which has resulted in positively marking stories with better management of 38 percent of debt in 2020 compared to 2019.

“In terms of reforms, we are always working every day in order to increase capacity and automate work processes, reforms that have given their results. Some of them have been developing during 2020 but due to the pandemic maybe not with the trend and expectations that we had at the beginning of the project but still can be considered as projects that have given their results. One of the reforms of TAK is the consolidation of the debt function, debt management has become 38 percent better than the same period of 2019, which has been the most successful year in the history of TAK in debt management. If we compare it with 2018, we have over 100 percent better debt management in 2020, even though it was a pandemic year. “As for the situation we are in now, we can consider that the increase of efficiency of this function will be much higher than what we are currently”, he concluded.

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