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For three months the Government spent 521 million euros – Latest News

For three months the Government spent 521 million euros

Kosovo Agency of Statistics has published Kosovo government accounts in the first quarter of this year.

According to KAS, Government revenues in this quarter were 523.6 million euros, while expenditures during this time were 521 million euros.

“Most of the revenues are taxes on products, which represent 64.3% of total revenues, while the rest is distributed to other revenue categories. The total expenditures of the General Government in Q1 2021 were 521.0 million Euros, while the expenditures in Q1 2020 were 400.3 million Euros. The largest share of expenditures consists of: workers’ compensation (32.6%); social contributions and benefits (28.8%); intermediate consumption (11.5%); and gross capital formation (10.0%). Whereas, the remaining part of the expenditures has been distributed in other categories of expenditures “, it is said in the notification of KAS./Zëri

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