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Former US soldier Elaine Berkowitz donates $ 5,000 to UP – Latest News

Former US soldier Elaine Berkowitz donates 5 thousand dollars to UP

The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” accepts a donation of 5,000 dollars from the former American soldier, Elaine Berkowitz, specifically for the Department of Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine.

Rector Naser Sahiti appreciated the donation and assured that he will go to the country serving the Dentistry students.

“This donation is donated as a sign of her service in Kosovo and in the name of thanks to Professor Agim Islami”.

“This donation will go to the country and will achieve the goal that the conditions for Dentistry students are improved and reflected in the labor market then,” he said.

Agim Islami, retired professor of Dentistry, said that this donation shows that Elaine Berkowitz has not forgotten Kosovo and loves its people.

“The kindness we have shown for him is not forgotten. This shows that she loves Kosovo and its people. This donation means a lot. Kosovo-America relationship, Kosovo Jewish people to which it belongs and this practice of cooperation to continue. “This will go down in history.”

Teuta Bicaj, representative Elaine Berkowitz, announced that she was authorized by her to sign this agreement, indicating that in her letter she said that Kosovo is like a second home for her.

“We have known each other for a long time, since then she has come to our chair as her home. She communicates with me very often. Since she could not be present due to the pandemic she authorized me to sign this agreement. She will also present a letter to you.

“I am in love in Kosovo. “Kosovo is my second home,” Elaine Berkowitz wrote in the letter.

Meanwhile, Suzana Manxuka-Kervilli, dean of the Faculty of Medicine said that with this money’s eye bleach will be purchased in the service of Dentistry students, reports EO.

“Thank you for this donation for students. This donation and contribution has a significant symbolic and financial value. “Some eyepiece magnifiers will be bought,” she said.

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